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Revised:  03/07/2012



eReach Targeted B2B e-Mail Campaign Execution


There are so many compelling reasons to use B2B email as a marketing vehicle time savings, cost savings and measurability, just to name a few.  Further since all Rainmaker B2B e-Mail Campaigns comply with the CAN SPAM Act of 2003, you can have the confidence that we can build your pipeline without fear of the liabilities associated with some vendors approaches.


Rainmaker offers a scoop to nuts approach to interactive marketing campaigns.  We can deliver a comprehensive program from cradle to grave or deliver to you a targeted B2B e-mail list to combine with your own creative and content development efforts.  In addition we can design and deliver a complimentary direct mail program to further increase the effectiveness of your promotional efforts. 


Upon completion of the Rainmaker B2B eMail Campaign eSegment and eDesign phases, Rainmaker will launch customized and personalized e-mail and/or direct mail to the selected database segment(s), providing you with detailed analytics for your eFollow up.  Or simply utilize Rainmaker's talented B2B Telemarketing and Appointment Setting staff to follow up, qualify and confirm appointments.


It's that simple!

Rainmaker utilizes a comprehensive database of hundreds of thousands of companies in North America to develop your targeted B2B e-mail list. 


Rather than blind e-mail lists which produce spam for so many recipients, our consultants will work with you to understand your products, selling points and demographic data to define your market by Industry, SIC code,  functional buyers such as CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Engineering, CFO, geographies such as state, province or region.  Upon completion we will draw upon several database sources and extract the corporate domain B2B e-mail addresses of the identified buyers.


This produces value for recipients and clients alike.  Recipients receive targeted value-added information from Rainmaker clients about products and services which are pertinent to their everyday business needs.  Rainmaker clients are pleased they only pay for distribution to their surgically precise list of potential buyers.  This is the power of Rainmaker's B2B eMail Marketing capabilities.


In addition, Rainmaker can integrate client supplied B2B e-mail databases into its own segmentation. 


Then we will launch the campaign and offer you powerful real time analytics such as the following:


Aggregate Totals:

Discrete Names of:


  •  Who Opened

  • Total Opened

  •  Un-subscribes

  • Clicked Through

  •  Hard bounces

  •  Replies

  •  Soft bounces

  • Un-subscribes

  •  Who Clicked through

  • Click throughs

  •   Who Replied


Equally important to our ability to target and reach your specific prospects is our ability to process all click on unsubscribe requests on a real time basis.  Rainmaker processes manual un-subscribes and return e-mail requests within 72 hours, well within the 10 day provision set forth in the CAN SPAM Act of 2003.







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